0917 Multifunction Wireless Charger


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  • If you’ve been looking for a durable multifunction alarm clock, 0917 Series Plus has got just the gadget for your desk or bedside table: the 0917 Multifunction Wireless Charger. It comes with a wireless charger, a UV disinfection box, an integrated alarm clock, and a digital thermometer.This wireless charging station boasts 5W Qi-powered charging that also doubles as a reliable LED alarm clock with a temperature display. Underneath the charging pad, you can sanitize your wearables and small items with UV light. This station also features an additional USB-A compatible charger port to accommodate simultaneous charging of devices.

    Wake up on a good note every morning with the compact and minimalist 0917 Multifunction Wireless Charger on your bedside table. Grab it now from the official 0917 website.

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