APL-DG10 Phone Camera Lens Set

APL-DG10 Phone Camera Lens Set


Product description


  • Enjoy the image effect,whether you’re traveling, hiking or out with friends.
  • Lightweight and easy to use,portable size, easy to carry with.
  • It is perfect for taking photos you can change these lens freely.
  • The telephoto lens for shooting distance pictures, the CPL lens to eliminate reflected light and create beautiful color.
  • Create fun shots to shoot landscape or even group pictures,or to take pictures of small objects like flowers etc.
  • Wide angle,15x macro,198 degree fisheye,2x telephoto,flow filter,radial filter,star filter,kaleidoscope 3,kaleidoscope 6,CPL.
  • Universal detachable clamp design, work on most modes of smartphones,applys for iPhone and most Android smartphones.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy,optical glass,plastic clamp.
  • Package size:13.5 cm * 11.5 cm * 5.0 cm.
  • Color:Black

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