AUTOMAT Robovac Robot Vacuum Cleaner

AUTOMAT Robovac Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Product description

Battery: 3.7V 1500MAH
Operating Time: 100 Minutes
Charging Time: 170 Minutes
Suction Power: 2500PA
Dust Box Capacity: 250ml
Diameter: 26cm
Height: 7.5cm
Cleans Under Hard-to-Reach Areas
This machine cleans under your sofa, bed, table, and other hard-to-reach areas effortlessly. The robot
sweeps in 360-degree motion; The Automat Robovac’s got your home covered.

Incredibly Strong Dirt Suction and Sweeping Power
Dirt, debris, crumbs, and pet hair? You don’t have to worry about these. With its 2500PA suction power
and 100 minutes of continuous working time, take pride that your floors are always clean and glossy.

UVC Bacteria-Killing and Sterilization Function
Unlike common robot vacuums, Automat Robovac is designed with UV sterilization function to kill
bacteria found on your floor. This makes your space more sanitized, and prevents bacteria from further

Multi-Surface Cleaning
Clean various indoor floors such as tile, marble, wood, ceramic and even your carpet.

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