Capdase Flyer Power Edition Flyer & Pico K2x Car charger Mount


You can now enjoy and use your cell phone while traveling long distance by car without fear of depleted batteries, thanks to the Pico K2X dual USB car charger and Flyer Car holder in one Driver Driver KIT . Made of good quality material, the Car flyer holder is safe for mobile devices in your car.
holders can be scaled down to fit your device’s-Pads with secure locking with an exclusive mechanism
can rotate according to your needs with a ball-head-Adjustable design for optimal viewing angle. The Pico K2X dual USB car charger provides charging for your device. The 5V USB car charger has two USB ports that allow you to charge several cellphones at once. Designed to charge the smartest handsets and cellphones, the Pico K2X dual USB car charger is a smart choice for businessmen and tourists. Dual USB Chargers also accommodate charging circuits exclusive to iPads.
Convenient Power Indicator
12-volt voltage (cigarette lighter) This car charger does fast charging compared to ordinary USB ports. The compact and lightweight design of the 2.4Amp USB car charger makes it very portable. The Pico K2X dual USB car charger, also comes with a power indicator that tells you whether the device is fully charged or not. With a variety of user friendly features, anyone who uses their cell phone extensively during travel must purchase a car charger product from Capdase.

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Silver, Champagne gold


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