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  • Easy to Store Prepaid Call Card
    Did you know that collecting Globe call cards was a thing before? Maybe you’d want to collect them now. These load cards are easy to keep for present and future use until the card’s expiration date -- even after if you’re collecting.Easy on the Budget
    Get your preferred Globe Prepaid call cards at any variant: P100, P300, and P500. At an affordable price, these phone cards are easy to store and just use them when you mean it.

    Easy Loading Process
    We’ve simplified our process on how to load your prepaid load card in just a few steps.

    How to load my call card:
    STEP 1: Dial *143# and select MyAccount.
    STEP 2: Select Load Call Card.
    STEP 3: Enter the 10-digit Call Card No. then the 6-digit Call Card PIN.
    STEP 4: A notification will be sent via text to confirm that the reload is successful.


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