Kazumi KZ-305 Belgian Waffle Maker – White

Kazumi KZ-305 Belgian Waffle Maker – White


Product description

Power: 220-240V | 50/60Hz | 900W
Unit Dimension: 210x165x290mm
Capacity: 8-12 cups (1.2 L)
Weight: 1.05 kg
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With its aluminum and non-stick coating on its grids, cleaning the upper and lower plates of this Belgian Waffle Maker will be super convenient and easy. Not to mention that it also has power and ready-to-cook indicators for you to know when the food is already cooked and ready to be served.

Fast Cooking
With its high-powered double-sided heating Kazumi’s Belgian Waffle Maker will have your food ready within a few minutes.

Equipped with automatic temperature control, this gadget promises an even and thoroughly cooked food. ADD this to the intelligent nutrition lock, which means your food will not only be delicious but is also sure to be healthy, too.

Environmental Friendly
Because of its high-powered heating, it will only take Kazumi’s Belgian Waffle Maker a few minutes to do its job.

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Kazumi’s Belgian Waffle Maker have cool-touch housing to prevent accidental burns whenever the lid or the surface is touched. It also features a cord winder, so the cord is safeky tucked nto to prevent accidental trips or other electrical injuries.

Portable Icon
With its capacity to stand upright, you can store Kazumi’s Belgian Waffle Maker vertically. Given its weight, you can also carry this anywhere.

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Berry Blue, Classic Black


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