Kazumi KZ-308 1.5L Multifunctional Cooker with Steamer

Kazumi KZ-308 1.5L Multifunctional Cooker with Steamer


Product description

This Kazumi Multifunctional Cooker is not just frying. You can also use it for grilling, baking, sauteing, and even steaming. Whether you are cooking a snack or the main course, this product has got your back!

Easy To Use
With its stainless steel housing and non-stick coating, cleaning Kazumi’s Multifunctional Cooker will be a breeze. Not to mention that it has overheating protection for when the pot is already dry burning and overheating.

The non-stick coating will ensure fast and even cooking all the while effectively preventing the sticking of the foods on the surface. It features round-shaped embedded heating element technology to help you save time while cooking. The inner layer can also lock the heat to help your food cook quickly.

Kazumi’s Multifunctional Cooker has an anti-scalding design for the long handle, to help prevent accidental burns. It also has a power connector at the end, to prevent water seepage. This product also features multiple cooling holes at the bottom to quickly dissipate heat.

With its capacity to store items inside the pot and stand upright, you will have no problem bringing your Kazumi’s Multifunctional Cooker anywhere. Have a barbeque or snack party out of town? No problem! With its relatively lightweight, bringing this reliable appliance anywhere will be a walk in the park.

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Ivory White, Charcoal Black


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