Plextone EX1Pro Radiator Fan

Plextone EX1Pro Radiator Fan


Product description


  • No-load test, straight down to freezing point
  • Ambient temperature 20 degrees to ensure smooth operation, no frame drops, no dark screen, no broken contact
  • Upgrade to overclocked cooling
  •  Larger cooling area With a larger 40*40mm cooling area, the phone/tablet cools faster.
  • Magnetic suction design


  • Product name: Semiconductor magnetic suction heatsink
  • Product model: EX1 Pro
  • Total power: ≤15W
  • Interface type: TYPE-C
  • Charging cable length: 1m (USB port)
  • Accessories : EX1 Pro heat sink, mobile phone back clip, USB charging cable, magnetic suction piece, transparent anti-scratch film.

Technical specifications:

  • Main Functions:
  • Power on/off key Press once to “turn on”, long press for 5 seconds to “turn off”
  • Speed ​​key Press once a gear “uniform cooling”; then press a second gear “overfrequency cooling”
  • Light key Press once to “Rotate light”; press again to “breathe light”; press again for “Dark Shadow Light”

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