Plextone L Type Magnetic Heat Sink Conductor Pad Sticker

Plextone L Type Magnetic Heat Sink Conductor Pad Sticker


Product description


  • Semiconductor refrigeration + large area heat sink. For the hot spots of mobile phones, a large-area soaking plate is used to quickly neutralize the heat to achieve uniform heat dissipation.
  • Easy to take and stick, comes with silicone protection, soft, does not hurt the phone, does not scratch the hand
  • Strong paste. No shedding of strong adhesive, firm adsorption, not afraid of the radiator falling
  • Give you a thin and light experience, the thickness is only 1mm, closely fit the mobile phone, thin and light experience
  • Magnetic suction type/back clip semiconductor type heat sink is suitable. Closely fit the mobile phone, seamless conduction of cold in all directions


  • Product color: Black
  • Product material: Aluminum sheet + silicone
  • Scope of application: Mobile phone semiconductor radiator
  • Product size: 60x106x1mm/2.36×4.17×0.04in
  • Product weight: 18g

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