XO BS100 100W Portable Power Station 130WH

XO BS100 100W Portable Power Station 130WH


Product description


  • AC220V 100W inverter output, applicable to a variety of digital productsand electrical appliances.
  • Dual USB output, provide power juice to cell phone and most USB-enabled devices.
  • Four DC 12V output, compatible with most devicesE. 1.5W high light LED with two modes: High/Soft.F. 5W high light LED lamp with two modes: High/Soft.G. Unique DC charging, support wide-voltage between 12.9V and 24V.H. power lever indicator show how much power remains real-time.


  • Battery specification: 10.8V/12AH/130WH

-10.8V x 12000mah = 130WH

-3.6V x 36000mah = 130WH

  • AC output power: 220V-50Hz 100W (modified sine wave)
  • Battery power: 130WH
  • USB1/2 output: DC5/2A (MAX)
  • USB1+USB2 output: DC5V/ 2A (MAX)
  • DC output: 9V-12.6V 2A (MAX)
  • Input charger voltage: 12.6V 1.98A
  • DC input: 12-24V
  • LED lighting: LED light board: 5W solid white LED light cup: 1.5W solid white
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Product size: 204*90*160.7mm

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