XO SL02 First And Second Gear Function + Radiator

XO SL02 First And Second Gear Function + Radiator


Product description


  • Brand: XO
  • Model: SL02
  • Suitable device: Mobile phone size (65mm-88mm)
  • Temperature mode adjustment: First gear (blue light) Second gear (green light)
  • Working sound level: noise decibels, 1st gear ≈ 40db, 2nd gear ≈ 50db
  • Power supply interface: USB-C DV 5V/2A
  • Fan speed: 4500 rpm 4010-4500 rpm ± 250
  • Heat dissipation method: active air cooling+cooling chip TEC chip
  • Semiconductor cooling chip power: 5-10W
  • Main material: ABS+metal+plastic+electronic components/ceramic
  • Product: Size 80.5mm x 58.8mm x 40.8mm Bare
  • Metal Weight 65g
  • Product color: black+orange
  • Accessories: USB-C 1.5m 1PCS
  • Note: USB-C plug-in clamp model (adjustable in first and second gears) USB-C 1.5 meter protection: overcurrent
    protection/electronic high temperature protection (50 ℃ -65℃). Display screen shows changes in cooling temperature

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